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Diploma In Baking(MC&G)

Duration : 4 months (3 Days in a week) + 2 months*- Industrial Internship Fees : Rs. 121000/- (4 installment) + Rs.35,000(For International Certificate) Details 1.Introduction with International Breads Basic Sandwich Bread, pau, Burger bun,French Baguette,Chelsea bun,Saffron bread Knotted bread,Hot cross bun,Ciabatta bread Pan cake,Waffle,Sour dough bread *Assessment on International bread* 2.Breakfast Pastry Croissant,Danish pastry,Honey Oats Cake Brioche,Cinna-buns,Muffine,Pista Cake,Banana Bread. *Assessment on breakfast pastry* 3.Tart and Pie French apple tart,Scottish fruit tart,Pear walnut crumble pie of the week,Pine apple tart tin,Bake well tart. *Assessment on tart pie* 4.Cookies Sable,Oatmeal cookies,Coconut macaroons,Besan Cookies Florentine,Bulls eye,Sweet&Saltes Cookies Brownies Chocochips,Badam Crunchy,Marble Coconut Assessment on cookies 5.Gateaux And Torte Mississippi mud cake,Sacher torte Strawberry charlotte,Cheese cake fusion California carrot cake ,Opera Chocolate crunch mousse,O’Mama miya Assessment of gateaux and torte. 6.Basic French Pastries 3 Types of Swiss roll with presentation Mocha pleasure,Chocolate pyramid,Oreo supernova Chocolate mili fili,Light lemon tart,Pleasure in the glass Assessment of basic French pastries. 7.Cold Pudding Panna Cotta,Chocolate Walnut Pudding,Fruit Pudding,Baked Pudding. 8.Exclusive Chocolate Garnishing It will be covering the all modern chocolate garnishes,Chocolate bouquet,Making of sculptures. 9.Praline And Fudge Marzipan Making,Molded Chocolate Choco Coffee Praline,Mix-Fruit Fudge Assessment on Chocolate Praline & Fudge 10.Shape Cake (2d And 3d) According to students + chef choice Student can choose 3 shapes Doll, Guitar, Dooremon, Rainbow, Car, ladies purse, flower bass Assessment for shape cake 11.Wedding Cake 3 Different types of fondant wedding cakes on Chef’s choice In this we will cover lace work, all Modern decorations Assessment on fondant cake. 12.Plated Desserts Making of dessert by students,Chef will show how to present on the plate. 13.Savory And Snacks Tomato Mozzarella,Pizza Turnover,Masala Garlic Bread,Laminated Dough Making, Apple Struded,Vol –Au- vent Quiches,Black Papper Cheese Bun,Garlic Hot Pocket Chili Onion Croissant,Mix-Vegetable Pan Pie,Spinach & Corn Roulade Assessment of savory & snacks 14.Greek Dessert Baklava,Greek lemon cake 15.Fusion in Indian sweets pastry Baked gulab jamun tart,Rasmalai basket,Anjir flaky roll Assessment of greek dessert & fusion sweet Pastry 16.Theory Class For Menu Planing&Food Costing Kitchen Maintenance,Menu planning and Product costing,How to Maintain Hygiene Theory on previous lesson and evaluation of costing of wedding cake,one o one question and answer session chef to student. Celebration And Certificate Celebration Certificate



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category:diploma in baking, product :Specialization In Bakingcategory:diploma in baking, product :Level 3 Advance Baking category:diploma in baking, product :Level 1 - Basics in Baking ( HANDS ON)category:diploma in baking, product :Level 2 breads and dry cake